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Pioneers in automotive AC systems in India, we have grown to become one of the world’s leading suppliers of coils and other components to the HVAC & Refrigeration industry.

With a focus on innovation and problem solving, we strive to create an organization that exceeds customer expectations on every parameter of service and quality and provides our employees with a fulfilling and challenging work environment.

Our Products

Utilizing state of the art technology we offer Fluid Coolers with a number of options in terms of design and have the flexibility and know–how to manufacture tailor made coolers to meet specific requirements
We offer PLC based fully automatic Dry Coolers and Hybrid Dry Coolers for a variety of applications and a wide range of ambient temperatures.
Indus offers Air Cooled Condenser Models in Horizontal and Vertical V constructions; in addition a number of constructional options are available to suit varied requirements. The fans are mounted on external rotor motors, with the flexibility of using normal AC motors or energy saving EC motors.
As exclusive representatives of Canada’s Circulaire, Indus brings to India, a wide range of Air Purification Systems capable of taking on the toughest of environments. These EIL approved systems use “MultiMix” a proven impregnated carbon based medium to cleanse the air of pollutants and corrosive agents.
Utilizing the newly developed Heat Exchanger, Green Chill units by Indus harness the most cutting edge in chiller technology. Available in sizes ranging from 2 TR to 11 TR, the chillers are highly compact in design and modular in construction, opening the possibility of running several in parallel by mounting on a rack.
Water based self etching epoxy resin based coating is available in various colors, can be coated on all ferrous and non ferrous metals (as used in HVAC&R coil manufacturing) to give long term corrosion protection.
Among the first in the world to have auto brazing facility for Aluminum Coils with a capability to braze up to 12 rows •UL Certified for R-134a, R-410a, R-407c, R-290, Isobutane etc..

We Innovate

Innovation is the true test of expertise, and time and again Indus has pioneered products that have dramatically increased equipment efficiency and decreased product cost.

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