Indus manufacturers coils in a variety of sizes and fin geometries. We have long standing experience in the manufacture of coils and are one of the largest manufacturers of coils in India and UAE. Our production quality is on par with global standards. Our coils find a wide variety of applications and we have become supplying partners to leading OEMs worldwide in Commercial, Industrial and Automotive HVAC, as well as Industrial and Commercial Refrigeration. Innovative products such as the Tsunami Fin geometry and our Green Fin Pattern are testament to our prowess in engineering design and manufacture of heat exchanger coils.   
Air Purification Systems
As exclusive representatives of Canada’s Circulaire, Indus brings to India, a wide range of Air Purification Systems capable of taking on the toughest of environments. These EIL approved systems use “MultiMix” a proven impregnated carbon based medium to cleanse the air of pollutants and corrosive agents.