Water based self etching epoxy resin based coating is available in various colors, can be coated on all ferrous and non ferrous metals (as used in HVAC&R coil manufacturing) to give long term corrosion protection.

Technical Performance

ASTM B117 Salt apray, 3000 hr : PASS.

Advantages of indus " I - COAT "

  • Super Hydrophobic.

  • Corrosion Protection.

  • Reduce Mould and Bacteria.

  • Eco Friendly this Coat ( 6 - 8 Microns).

  • Keeps Air Flow Uninterrupted.

  • No degradation of performance

Approved by

  • US FDA Food Contact

  • EPA Food Contact

  • EPA HVAC Use

  • NSF Certification Standard 51 for Food equipment Material




Indus i coat Coated Coil





Air Purification Systems
As exclusive representatives of Canada’s Circulaire, Indus brings to India, a wide range of Air Purification Systems capable of taking on the toughest of environments. These EIL approved systems use “